Unit Trust Set Up in 3 Simple Steps

Why Use Us?

  • All Services in Single Form

    Our single online form lets you complete all your requirements for setting up the trust in one go. You can register a corporate trustee company, set up discretionary trust deed, order stamping of deed (for NSW & VIC) and printing services.

  • Quality Documentation

    We provide quality legal documents drafted by our solicitors; Batallion Legal. All documents are instantly emailed to your registered email and also get securely stored in your online account for future downloads.

  • ABN / TFN / GST / PAYG Withholding Tax Registration

    The application to ABR will get lodged for FREE at the same time you submit the form and, if approved, you will instantly receive ABN and confirmation for other registration in your email account.

  • Ease of Use

    Our application is very easy to understand and complete with lots of hints and help text for each section of the application. You are required to enter information once and our intelligent form pre-fills and create an application, avoiding duplication of data entry.

  • Registered ASIC Agents

    We are registered ASIC Agents which allows our clients to register Corporate Trustee/Company with ASIC at anytime from any device. All legal documents including ACN is sent to the registered email account instantly.

  • Stamping Services

    We are a registered Duties Online organisation to process the duty in NSW and VIC for discretionary trust deeds set up on our website. We charge a nominal fee of $70 Incl. GST plus duty for the stamping service.

  • Competitive Pricing

    At $165 plus ASIC fees – if setting up corporate trustee, we offer one of the most competitive pricing for discretionary trust deed as well as setting up corporate trustee.

  • Seamless Integration

    If you are a professional service provider such as accountant, tax agent, financial planner etc, we offer seamless integration of our online form onto your website.

  • High Quality Printing

    We offer high quality printing and express document delivery of all documents in a leather feel compendium to your door. It is an optional service and our pricing starts from $75 Incl. GST.

ABN, GST & PAYG Withholding

How It Works

  • Your Computer
  • Our Server
  • ASIC Server
  • Our Server
  • Your Computer

Our seamless integration with ASIC servers makes your company formation a breeze. It starts with filling up our easy to use form online which is a single form caters to both your company registration as well as ABN/GST/PAYG Withholding registrations (optional). Our servers are directly connected to ASIC server which allows the information you submit go directly into ASIC servers and gets validated and ACN is issued instantly. You will receive a confirmation email with a complete set of documents you need to run your newly established company.