The following top quality legal documents are instantly emailed to you when you establish a company/Trust and ABN through us.

These documents can also be downloaded any time from our website using your user name (email id) and password (which we send to you after you purchase).


Our Invoice
Instruction sheet on
  • “What to do next” to ensure that the trust deed is set up legally:
  • How to open bank accounts; broker accounts;
  • Apply for Tax File Number & Australian Business Number;
  • How to get trust deed stamped and;
  • Notes on features of trust deed including tax benefits

Unit Trust Deed

Trust Deed of your Unit Trust
  • Consents for Individual trustees or consent of Directors of the trustee company to act as trustees of Unit Trust;
  • Minutes of Trustees to set up the unit trust:
  • Application for Units for each Unit Holder:
  • Certificate of Units:
  • Register of Unit Holders :
  • Register of Issued Units and:
  • Register of Transfer of units


  • Certificate of Registration of a Company & Australian Company Number (original file (.pdf) from ASIC)
  • Constitution
  • Incorporation Minutes
  • Consent to act as Director
  • Consent to act as Secretary (if selected)
  • Consent to act as Public officer (if selected)
  • Occupiers’ Consent (if selected)
  • Application for Shares
  • Share Certificate(s)
  • Register of Members
  • Register of Allotted Shares
  • Form 201 (copy of electronically lodged application)